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Unrequited love: an accident that put an end to communication

27 августа 2019, в 08:06

Unrequited love: an accident that put an end to communication


Unrequited love, like a curse that falls on your head. This means that you are not able to influence. It happened to me. I reciprocate. Is love when only one loves.


  1. Who is to blame for unrequited love.
  2. Manifestation of love in guys.
  3. How unrequited love affects life.


Who is to blame for unrequited love?


The bell rings.


- Hello!

- Hi, Artem in intensive care, asked me to convey that it is because of you!

- What happened?

- Street racing. I drank a lot, got behind the wheel. He has everything he needs. Say that you want to live without love and ask you.

Most likely yes than not. I must be sure that he must be an idiot, think out. If you want me to be offended.


Manifestation of love in guys.


Guys show their feelings in different ways, but when a guy is too shy, he can talk for a long time on different topics without affecting your relationship, and not show any special emotions that will make it clear that you are not indifferent to him. Exactly passionate? No love? From there and unrequited love.


The meeting took place online, chatted for a while, then agreed and went to the movies. He tried to touch me or look in my direction. I want to note that he wants popcorn and as if grunts, these are problems with his nose, for the first meeting there are vivid impressions. During the walk, conversations were strange people, showdowns.

More or fewer emotions could be said in correspondence and said. I didn’t have them. He was an influential man and will always turn him down. Wrecked cars, drunken showdowns and strange deals are in the order of things.


To invite meeting parents, but as whom? Somehow slipped: "I love you" and a couple of laughing emoticons. At least this is unrequited love.

As a result, I finished calling my friend. At night, going to the hospital, supporting my family, not our strength, I had a shock. Somewhere could be wrong. The man decided to break up due to unrequited love.


I managed to chat with his mother. He said nothing was mentioned. Among his friends there were old acquaintances who participated in the races, and it was clear that this was the next weekend “beloved son”, nothing that was connected with him, no one was worried, neither the first nor the last time, but his will was to call they performed right away.

I could not figure out what specifically she wanted to have a relationship with me, love or friendship, but there were no relations.


To help them with their son, they didn’t work on me. We personally didn’t communicate anymore. He changed his family.


How unrequited love affects life.


So that he continued to move on, he did not disappear, as he appeared. Emotionless.

If we are talking about love. I love this tale, a storm of emotions and the like. I live on in anticipation of meeting my soul mate!

Love is a mutual feeling.

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